Welcome to SavannahParker.com...where you will find beautiful handmade ORIGINAL (and most often one-of-a-kind) antique style jewelry,
vintage lace clothing & hats, accessories, fabulous jeweled gifts and artworks, all inspired by an exquisite nostalgic sense of the romantic
antique and vintage beauty of times past....and with true craftsmanship, artistry and passion!
It's our primary goal to offer things which epitomize all the refined and beautifully crafted elements we look for in antique and vintage.....
authentically created by truly professional and knowledgeable hands.  

We will be featuring lovely items of the styles of many eras including Victorian, Edwardian, Renaissance, the "Titanic" era, the Roaring 20's and
lots more......including new designs, altered art, and restored antiques.  We have 35+ years experience in collecting and restoring antique and
vintage items as well as creating and marketing our own artworks & gallery, and we ONLY offer items that we'd be proud to have in our own
personal collections....uncompromising excellence is the key phrase here. We are backed by advanced formal education in these fields as well
as hands-on years of successful endeavors in fine arts, so buy with confidence....our goal is for you to be totally thrilled with your heirloom-
quality purchase. (And, we're completely USA-produced!)

New items will be added weekly so check in with us frequently---As of now, all items are our own original creations, but in future we plan to
include some special antique "finds" that we've come across in our antique and vintage treasure hunting.

We're proud to present our original handmade antique-inspired artisan jewelry line and exquisitely handsewn original 1920s style hats,
accessories and clothing, plus our fabulous jeweled decor pieces; all of which you can presently view by clicking on any of the
pictures here on the site......all items are available to purchase through
our secure Artfire and Etsy links....a safe and private way to shop within a solid established environment....Click our Facebook link above to see
many more individual detailed photos and photo albums of all pieces shown on this site.

Once again welcome and we look forward to having you shop with us, please be sure to visit our Facebook page and click "like" to be among
the first to see our newest offerings and special discounts just for fans! Thanks for visiting....♥♥♥


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